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Meat - Brisket (7 lb avg)

Our competition brisket is our specialty and what we are known for. You will get our fully seasoned and 12 hour smoked brisket that will make your mouth water.

You have an option of chopped, sliced or whole.


Meat - Chicken (shredded - 4 lb avg)

Boneless, skinless chicken breast injected with Smokin' Horns Sweet BBQ Sauce, seasoned with our fabulous poultry rub and slow smoked for 3+ hours.


Meat - Chicken (whole)

Our chicken is injected, seasoned and smoked for 6+ hours. It falls off the bone and is finger lickin' good!


Meat - Ham (7 lb avg)

Our glazed ham is slow smoked for 6 hours with a blend of spices, seasoning, butter and special sauce designed specifically for our ham.


Meat - Pulled Pork (4 lb avg)

Our uniquely flavored pork is smoked for 6 hours with a special blend of marinade and rub. You will be requesting more and more of this tremendous product.


Meat - Ribs St Louis Style (1 rack)

Our ribs are lip smackin' good and smoked to perfection from start to finish for 5 hours. There is nothing quite like this sweet-spicy slab!


Meat - Smoked Turkey (8 lb avg)

This Is a treat for all family gatherings. Our smoked turkeys are always golden brown and smoked 5+ hours to perfection.



Smokin' Horns rubs consist of a special blend of spices and seasonings, created by the Smokin' Horns competition team. These are the same rubs used during our competitions and helped us win in every major category.



Smokin' Horns sauces consist of a special blend of ingredients, created by the Smokin' Horns competition team. These sauces are used for cooking during competition, catered events and just backyard BBQ fun!


Smoked Cheese - Balls

These party favorites are smoked for 2+ hours with our very popular cherry wood.


Smoked Cheese - Blocks

We have a wide variety of quality smoked cheese to choose from smoked for 2+ hours with cherry wood. These items are a hit at every event with our most popular being Mozzarella and Cheddar.


Smoked Cheese - Premium

The premium cheeses have also been smoked with cherry wood for 2+ hours and leave everyone amazed with the great quality and taste of the product.


Online Ordering

From mouthwatering meat and delicious sides to dessert, it's easy to get the flavors you love and crave anytime, anywhere. All orders are cooked to perfection and then vacuum sealed and shipped frozen to ensure freshness. Simply thaw, heat, and enjoy! Live in the DFW area? We will be happy to deliver your order within 5 business days.

Not sure where to start? Feel free to contact us and let us help customizing your order.